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Want to get smarter about investing? Then learn from the pros. The Capital Ideas podcast brings you the best thinking from Capital Group, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Prepare to be engaged, enlightened and entertained as host Matt Miller gets to the crux of today’s most compelling investment stories.
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Apr 28, 2017

Technology has so accelerated the pace of innovation that ideas quickly go from invention to widespread adoption. What’s driving this rapid change, and what are the implications for the global economy? Mark Casey has grappled with these questions for 17 years as an equity portfolio manager who covers U.S. internet companies from Capital Group’s San Francisco office.

Listen and learn:

  • What is machine learning, and how is it different from artificial intelligence?
  • Self-driving cars are coming. Who might they leave behind?
  • Why might routine be your enemy?

Your host, Matt Miller, is the policy and communications advisor for Capital Group. An author and former Washington Post columnist, Matt was co-host of the public radio program Left, Right & Center.

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